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the bass. >> it's lurking there in the water. >> that's so bad. >> i love this. >> i like steven's take better. >> daddy! >> oh no. >> that totally sucks. >> it's an alligator. >> wow, look at him go. >> he says thanks for catching that for me. >> free lunch. so not only is there a two-pound bass in this tiny pond, there's also an alligator. >> daddy! >> she's freaking out, she's like, oh, daddy! >> i would, too. i would think dad, look, i ught us hy's dinner and it was moving. >> that's going to ruin this kid's fishing experience for the rest of her life. >> she's never going to play in the yard. look how close it is to all the houses that are back there. >> that's so sad, you know she worked really hard to catch the fish. >> i want my lure back. >> we're giving away another ipad today. and in just a little while, we'll give you today's buzz word. >> we're giving away ipads, monday through friday. >> remember, when we give you tuesday's buzz word, you have to head over to our facebook page, facebo"right this minute." >> we'll give you tuesday's buzz word, and remember you
to fairfax county where thousands of people were evacuated tonight. steven is live in huntington tonight. >> it is still miserable out here, the wind is still blowing the rain is still coming down. camera one behind me continues to run. a lot of fear and not here during the day and into tonight and into tomorrow morning as well. we have some video of what went on earlier. there are orders to evacuate firefighters and police telling residents door to door that had to clear out. this waterway has jumped its banks repeatedly in the past few years. a lot of fear and concern. a shelter set up for those people who did not have family or friends or the means to get to a hotel. they are hoping this does not love again, that their homes and possessions survive this storm. again, the concern will continue throughout the rest of this evening and threw out tomorrow as well. not just here but in other areas other parts of alexandria as well. lingering threat of flooding throughout the day tomorrow. right now, a lot of power outages. you can see behind me the street light is working but that is becaus
of isabel. it put joon steven out of business....or hree weees. "all of thaams street.""was under water." so when e heard...about those dire predictions about sandy....he couldn't stop thinkkng about isabel. ""ncredibll nnrvous." po burke...was keep issory from repeating couple of ays sannbagging and delight...his efforrs paid ws."3 off.."not a drop, not drop, she's tight as a bone."and unliie isabee...there'll be no costly repairs to rrmovv watee...and no significant business. (buuke) "a storm like isabel probably wouud have ut me out of pbsiness."(burke) "i thhnk god did ore than i could ever do." (rydell) "ssveeal pubs aloog thames street reopened this afternoon, other ownees say phey hope to reooen their pubs tomorrow. in fellsspoont, john rydell, fox45 news at 5:30." some... vaccnt buildings... ii baltimorr, .../ were... no match... storm sandy. sandy.this... pile of dbris... is... all thats left... abandoned rowhomee.. on... near... dmondson avenue... in... west baltimore...//.after... hours of heavy wind... the...
the washington area. n, leading to extreme actio this concerns rising water and people.f >> steven is live in the huntington section of fairfax continue coverage. >> is miserable out here, the pounding us. the lights went out in this neighborhood. this is one of the streets where is forced to evacuate a while ago. houses, a word. >> the wind and rain and rising water, made for a frightening combination in the huntington neighborhood. time comes and goes, every it rains. >> behind a string, it jumped times in recent years. another flood prompted the officials to go > the way they are talking -- families packed up fast, some them startled by the sudden to higheret vehicles ground. >> i will give them a call to see what happens. ofit will still be dry, some r that the storm is going to inflict serious damage. >> i will lose a lot of stuff in our room. >> we will come up to the flood stage, still rising but it has posted a threat to any of the homes that were evacuated. at the powera look area-wide right now. more than 121,000 outages northern virginia at this hour. the situation in d
, president of united way bay area to come up and say a few words. >> thank you steven. this is a really great celebration want congratulations to you and congratulations to west field and congratulations to the city and congratulations to all your teammates who are here that have great jobs with a great company and as the united way target is a partner not just here in the bay area but all across this country. target teammates participate in the community and with many nonprofits and last year teammates give over $15 million to the local united ways and that is no exception here in the bay area. we value the partnership greatly. congratulations on 50 years. the bay year is celebrating 90 years this year so we have been partners all those years and the tradition conditions. mr. mayor speaking of partnerships one partnership that we were all a part of that you make didn't think is the summer jobs plus initiative. target joined by more than 100 companies with mayor lee to launch that program here in san francisco and one more example when we put out the call to employers who will parti
south 880 stevens creek on-ramp closed until 6:00 this morning. you can be rerouted around that. westbound 380 to 101 all lanes closed until 8:00 this morning roadwork. the giants' parade tomorrow 11:00 as eric was reporting you want to take mass transit extra services we'll detail those in our next break. >>> next what a difference a year makes. oakland mayor quan delivers positive news about the city's financial picture. >>> verdict in the michelle le murder case. the victim's family tells abc7 news whether they are satisfied with the outcome. >>> we continue to follow the latest on tropical storm sandy. you are looking at live pictures from manhattan much of the city in the dark this morning. flooding and other problems. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: executive in charge of apple's mobile products has been asked to leave the result of the map app flap users found all sorts of mistakes in the software when it was released last month. forestall refused to sign the company's public apology. apple and samsung together control 106% of the profits in the mobile market because of rivals
guy. >> >> thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker please. >> good afternoon. i am steven cornell and i own a hardware store two and a half blocks where this place is. what bothers me as a business person and there for seven years and got a permit and maybe they're not doing what they're supposed to but nobody stopped them after all this time and putting money into the business and doing different stuff and possibly closed for something that is going on that nobody ever called them on that's pretty tough after making all that kind of investment. i have been on the street. i actually went to elementary school a block and a half from there so if we're going to talk about longevity i have quite a bit of it. the street has changed a lot and to the better but the idea of closing a business or changing a business and letting it run for seven years that's not fair to any business. thank you. >> good afternoon commissioners. i steffen and for the last nine months i have been helping liam in his outreach to the community instructing him individually to knock on doors, talk to all rele
. please join me and give a hand for jay primus, george reynolds, steven lee, and lorraine fuqua. >> thank you. this is a tremendous honor. it really does feel fabulous to be recognized. one of the relief fund things about this project is that it is just complex enough and just big enough that it is truly a case where hundreds of people were required to really get it off the ground. there's really nothing -- that's the kind of thing we dream about. working shoulder to shoulder with that many people to make something happen. it has never happened before. what a pleasure. unfortunately, the mfac award is limited to four people. we are up here representing an entire team. some of that court team is here tonight, including lauren, alex, lisa foster, hank wilson, lesley, jason lee, and brendan monaghan. [applause] those are some of the folks -- those are just some of the folks that really made sfpark happen. i hope you have a chance tonight to meet and congratulate them. these incredibly dedicated, hard-working people. i also want to especially acknowledged the tma'mta's cfo. [applause] without
. >> and then you got to program it so here's the controller. >> so easy, steven. >> i barely had time to get a costume together. this guy made a tetris pumpkin. >> i would like to play with this for a long time. >> it's cool that you're using the actual pumpkin stem to control the tetris block. >> i like the one with the flames. >>> that's it for us here at "rtm,"
? sure. but it's all natural. so you may ask steven, why aren't you fighting these charges? because i don't want to drag america through my ball scandal! (laughter) or scandalize america by dragging my balls through it! it's a real problem. that's why i don't wear wide-legged pants. or ride escalators anymore. that is also why -- true. dangerous. that is also why effective today i am stepping down as chairman of the wristrong foundation. (boos) i have to do this. i have to do this. we haven't spoken but i trust my balls will also be stepping down. or at least descending. there it is. and though i will no longer be chairman, i will be staying on the board which has no other members but me. so i am proud to announce that starting today i will be serving as interim chairman of the wristrong foundation. (cheers and applause) now, folks -- now, folks, -- (cheers and applause) i'm sure a lot of people out there are saying will this scandal follow me? yes, the same way my balls follow me in a motorized side car i use on the weekends. i'm tired. (laughter) as it is all the titles i have learned i
break down what to expect tomorrow. steven from emp funds is with me, andrew keen from keen on the market and krifchristopher from wells fargo advisers. thanks for joining us. >> great having us on. >> steven, let's kick it off with you. wa are you expecting tomorrow when trading resumes after this two-day shutdown? >> we do expect relatively low volume. really due to personnel having quite difficulty in the east just getting to work and getting through all the mess. but we don't expect significant impact because the -- the catalyst to what we've gone through in this superstorm sandy really doesn't have a lot to do with our long-term outlook or the view of the markets. so we don't really expect an impact. for us it's just like any other day. but we do expect some volume relating to many strategies that have rebalancing. one thing we need to consider, we have had good reports with the schiller home price index increasing 2% since august which is the best we've seen in two years. >> right. >> we expect everything to go back to normal come tomorrow. >> all right. we have 30 sec
playing out in a district that covers half the state. democratic state senator steven horsford is having the fight of his life. down in every poll, sometimes by double digits. because of this man, republican danny tarkanian, the son of legendary u.n.l.v. basketball coach jerry tarkanian. horsford has been appealing to the 55% of voters registered as democrats to win this sprawling and increasingly diverse district. from its sparsely populated mining communitieses to the densely populated latino and african-american neighborhoods in the northern tip of the las vegas valley. both candidates are spending a lot of time on the road to meet with voters. horsford is currently the majority leader of the state senate. and he has focused his campaign on economic issues. >> what i've heard from the voters is the same thing. with a are we going to do to get people working and grow the economy? how are we going to address the housing crisis and what are you going to do to protect medicare and social security? i have strong positions on those issues. my opponent does not. >> reporter: tarkanian has be
if i had more fun than this year with a group of unselfish guys. >>> and steven drew's contract he would have earned $10 million for up coming season. they acquired him with a trade back in august. in golf, tiger woods and mcllroy they squared off in central china. big stare down there. they are trying to get more people into golf and exhibition, nicely done on 7. tapped it in for birdie. mcllroy, chipping up, he shot a 67 to edge woods by a stroke. he made million and tiger made $2 million. it's okay to lose. >> should have been in boxing outfits. >> that is this edition.
. when i stopped trading i became more deeply involved in that district. i was elected to the st. stevens school board and was also appointed to the board of directors at the stones town ymca. i coached youth sports at the y and i also fund raised for both organizations. later fund raised for sacred heart where my son went to school and st. ignatius where my daughter went to school. my son is in the police department and my daughter works in the tech industry. my wife and i are very proud of both of them. i served on my homeowners association as delegate to the western twin peaks western counsel and worked to prevent stones town project which would have altered the character of our neighborhood. i fought to get two stop signs on eucalyptus drive. i waged an eight year battle to get playground equipment. i negotiated with loyal high school to -- a building pr project in our neighborhood. in 2001 i was appointed to the board of supervisors to the ethics commission and elected president by my fellow commissioners. in 2004 mayor newsome appointed me to the board of appeals and i served two t
. i'm brynn gingras. >> thanks, brynn. >>> joining me on the phone is steven mays with the salvation army's emergency response division in manhattan. it's good to talk to you. what is your first order of business? >> chris, it's a pleasure with you this morning. our first order of business yesterday as the storm rolled in was to secure own our personnel and hunker through the storm like everybody else but we began receiving requests to handle the feeding piece at various shelters throughout long island in the midhudson valley and even to orange county and we parted with the red cross in several of these locations just to support with food. our local centers are prepared to produce food and that's an easy piece for us to fit and so last night we started to do that work but then, you know, we tried to hunker down and be as safe as we could, what the responders do their work but we are fulling expecting like everybody else to have a lot of work come our way when the lights come up this morning as people had -- as the storm passes and people can return home. we're fully expecting to feed
voters in ohio and wisconsin. now we have an answer. it's steven einhorn's family foundation. who is he? he's a hedge fund manager on the milwaukee board, used to be on the board of milwaukee repertoire theater, even treasurer for think tank, and a major donor. they donated maximum $5,000 to mitt romney's campaign. his wife gave more than $5,000 to paul ryan and more than $30,000 to rnc and gave $50,000 to republican governor paul walker. last week clear channel took down the billboards. but why would they want the signs up in the first place? quote, perhaps chicago public relations firm could answer why the einhorns only felt it necessary to target legal voters in minority communities and why they didn't feel the need to do this public service across wisconsin where a majority of residents are white or put their names on it rather than hiding behind the cowardly veil of anonymity? a great thing about this country is you can do whatever you want with your money. and as i showed, he's given money to many cultural groups but now this, this is what he decided to spend money on? since presi
november. so, question from steven hey who asks, how are you going to work with the opposite party so bills that are needed by the entire country are not held up by partisanship? >> first of all, regardless of who controls the house of representatives, a person committed to serving the community can make an enormous difference in congress, bitten suring that the folkses in our ridge signal offices are responsive and are dedicated and follow up. so regardless of whether the congressman's republican party and john boehner remain in control or democrats take control of the house, i'm committed to ensuring we have the best people in our office responding to the needs of our constituents. in terms of working with the other side of the aisle, the last two years we have seen, getting nothing done in congress, that we will learn from that when we begin a new session in january. from my part, having spent most of my career in nonpartisan public service, not seeing republican or democrat, i believe i have the experience and the temperment to ensure i can reach across the aisle. is a said at the outse
, washington, d.c., october 30, 2012. i hereby appoint the honorable steven c. latourette to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, john a. boehner, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: the chair lays before the house a communication from the sergeant at arms. the clerk: the honorable the speaker, house of representatives, sir, as you are aware, the time previously appointed for the next meeting of the house is 10:00 a.m. on tuesday, october 30, 2012. this is to notify you pursuant to clause 12-c of rule 1, of an imminent impairment of the place of reconvening at that time. the impairment is due to the weather. signed respectfully, paul d. irving, sergeant at arms. the speaker pro tempore: under clause 12-c of rule 1, the speakers notified members accordingly. the prayer today will be offered by our guest chaplain of the washington theological union here in washington, d.c. the chaplain: lord, we pray for the victims of hurricane sandy. especially those who lost their lives, the displaced elderly, those with children >> the millions -- those children, the m
. and i have trust that we will get to some answers. our panel today is very distinguished. first, steven product who is a fellow at the center of national security is your who is a law professor at american university. somebody i think many of us in the audience know and have always wanted to meet who is now a partner at baker who was the inspector general for the department of justice for many many years and it is going to talk to us a little bit about what exactly that is. it has been referred to some many times during today's proceedings. john rizzo is the former acting general counsel of the central intelligence agency who is now partner and fellow at the hoover institute and to you will be so happy to know has a book that he is written that will be coming out soon called the company's man. so i think we should just get started. and thinking this started with you, john, to talk about what has come up with all of these -- the references to leaks which was not how the day began, but was out the government officials who were here decided to cast a tone of the day. state as -- eight stat
. >> brian: magnitude of this is cover up? >> magnitude is cover up. it is horrible that ambassador stevens and three navy seals with him died. it is equally horrible that the president of the united states will not let us know what happened because it is it on the eve of a presidential election which he will probably lose anyway. >> brian: judge napolitano, we'll talk about this again tomorrow. on the run down in the second hour. massive fire in breezy point, queens x. water rushing in the battery tunnel. we are every angle covered at the top of the hour and beyond. e to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >> gretchen: obviously we have extreme weather to tell you about. unfortunately these two words are at the top, death and destruction. this morning in the wake of hurricane sandy, storm leaving 16 people dead, entire towns under water, buildings on fire and millions in the dark. >> brian: we have every angle
? >> let me express my condolences are regarded ambassador stevens and the other americans who lost their lives. they gave their lives for this country. and for a vision of a better world. i do think that president obama was correct in working with our allies to see gaddafi removed in libya. that does not mean you hold that a mission accomplished banner. this is a complicated region and the future is uncertain. we know the past was not serving in u.n. security interest and not good for the people of libya. the future is going to take a lot of work. i think you stick your principles, you support democracy, the support transparency, and you keep working to make it a safer world. we all know that this is a very volatile region. there are no easy answers. >> the events over the last few months across north africa and middle east have highlighted that we still are living in a dangerous world. our american foreign-policy must be reflective of our deeply held beliefs. a belief in freedom. at the same time, when people rebelled against despots, there is the opportunity and the possibility t
before the election is over, we will. who has any questions? yes, sir? >> hi, i'm tom stevens, executive director of the law two form alliance of new york. we worked with your successor's office to turn the tide of tort reform in the state. my question to you is when you were mayor, what tort reforms specifically did you advocate for to really help the city relief the burden of lawsuits and litigation? >> well, the most important thing for the city to have a limit on punitive damages, a limit on pain and suffering, a connection to actual economic loss, maybe a limit of 250 250,000-500,000. the bill we supported in the state legislature that never passed because of the democratic majorities in the state legislature, and i don't want to blame it on the majorities because the trial lawyers owned four or five republicans as well. what we wanted was a limit on pain and suffering, punitive damages of about $250,000, maybe would have negotiated to $500,000, and then the rest of it connected to economic loss, and maybe a two or three times multiple of economic loss. that would have -- that would
Search Results 0 to 32 of about 33 (some duplicates have been removed)